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Michele R.
Jean B.
Our weight training, coupled with
nutritional education have sparked
new life into my tired fibromyalgia
riddled body.  In just a few sessions,
my muscles developed tone and
strength.  Now I can work my way
through morning pain and stiffness.
Weight training has given me a fresh
attitude about my body. I feel
motivated, encouraged and I always
look forward to my sessions with Kelly!
Kelly is amazing as a leader -- she is
motivating, knowledgeable
and very clever in bringing variety to
our workouts. The
folks in the boot camp are great.  It
starts my day off with
a laugh every morning. "
Amy P.
Bridget S.
Kelly's boot camp has given me a
completely new outlook on life. I hadn't  
exercised in years and I was a bit nervous
when I first signed up for the classes. I was
amazed how quickly I began to enjoy the
camp. I think it was because of all the
support you get from both Kelly and fellow
boot campers. It is a comfortable
atmosphere, and I was surprised at how
much my stamina had increased after the
first camp session. And because it is so
early in the morning, I never have conflicts
that force me to miss classes. Now I am not
only addicted to how great I feel but how my
jeans are not skin tight even after they have
just come out from the dryer!"   
“I have never looked forward to
working out before.  I always
use to dread working out by
myself.  I just didn’t do it.   Boot
Camp with Body Fit Atlanta is
great time spent with others
getting fit and having fun!”
Personal Fitness Training
Christen M.
I started training with Kelly about six
months ago.  I had a big trip coming
up and I wanted to lose weight and
tone up. Kelly has made that task both
achievable and fun .
I  really look forward to my time with
Kelly- we work hard and laugh hard!!
I have seen such a difference in my
muscle tone and overall stamina.
Now, when I walk into the gym, I'm no
longer 'scared' to lift weights- I have
confidence in myself and actually
know what I'm doing!!
I  wanted to let you know, this is the
first time in my life...that I actually
enjoy working out!

That is HUGE for me since I am a
lazy couch potato!  And what a nice
group of people!
Brigitte C.
Kelly is an excellent motivator. People gravitate towards her due to her
personality. She knows how to use humor that makes it fun to be around
She pushes others for results and accountability
She monitors goals and progress on a regular basis
Kelly has a passion about what she does and that is infectious
She seeks for ways to make things fresh and new and seeks feedback for
She is  a good coach with a strong knowledge of nutrition and exercise

At age 42 I can honestly say is going to be my best year yet thanks to Body Fit
Atlanta! I have never loved my body as much as now!

I have always struggled with my weight , always been on a diet - my mom use
to make me drink a glass of grapefruit juice every day because it helped cut
the body fat inside of me, haha. But now ...I'm not on a diet I'm on a healthy
clean eating lifestyle! I have worked out almost everyday, but never was able
to move past a certain weight and I could never figure out why.

Until....I started working with Kelly and she helped me to realize that it's the
food that I'm eating.  I weigh less now then I did before giving birth to my
oldest son. I will stay with it forever now !